Trustix Folder [Resolved - Non Issue]

In my Program Files folder there is a folder called Trustix. Inside it is a folder called Common. Inside that are two folders, License and Licenses, which presumably hold the license files for two Comodo products I installed.

Now, imagine I am a new user. I don’t know anything much about Comodo except that I installed one of their free products. I never heard of Trustix. I might think this is a redundant folder from something I installed long ago, and delete it. There really shouldn’t be a folder in Program Files that doesn’t have program files in it.

This does hold the licences for Comodo products, yes.


Hi Mike,

I think what he meant was since it doesn’t contain the program files for anything, why not just bundle it with the Comodo products folder instead since people might not know what Trustix is.

the reason that “Comodo Personal Firewall” uses "[Program Files]\Trustix\Common\Licenses\Personal Firewall is that we had to support Trustix Personal Firewall (TPF) License users also and for backward compatibility we had to keep the same folder as license folder.
We didn’t want to maintain two locations for same license.
So yes it seems bit weird but we had to do that.

How long will Trustix Personal Firewall be supported for? Even after Comodo has stopped supporting it will you still need the Trustix Folder?

Yes you are right
and we need to work it out soon.