Trusting Wireless networks with the same address range

Ok – so I “trust” my wireless network with ip range 192.xxxxx— whatever.

Then, I go to a hotel and their network is on the same IP range. Doesn’t this invalidate the trust, since I am now subject to the security (or lack of) on the new network?

What’s the best practice here? Should we not “trust” networks if we connect to a lot of other wireless nets that might have the same IP ranges?


It’s a workaround (as opposed to a solution), but it may help …

I’m yet to see a publicly accessible wireless LAN use anything other than 192.168.0.X, 192.168.1.X or 192.168.2.X. The whole subnet 192.168 is deemed private, so you could set your home LAN and firewall up to use a grossly different address pool - e.g -

This would then allow you to connect in a trusted manner at home, but leave the most commonly used public address ranges as untrusted.

Alternatively, your home LAN and firewall could use the 172.16 private subnet, which eliminates the possibility, however faint, of stumbling across a public LAN that used the same offbeat 192.168 range you’ve selected for home. I’ve never seen the 172.16 subnet used publicly, ever.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

172.16.x.x to 172.31.x.x are all private IP addresses (16 separate networks)


10.x.x.x which is a HUGE private IP network.

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