trustfax: cover sheet

When sending an analog fax, I use a cover sheet that (a) replicates my office letterhead, and (b) contains a confidentiality notice. The first is good for marketing, but the second is ESSENTIAL to comply with professional responsibilities regarding client communications. There is at least one other internet fax service that permits insertion of a custom cover sheet. Is this something that can be added to trustfax?


Trustfax will allow you to create and upload your own coversheet when sending a fax.
Just upload your covesheet and your document to fax. Select both documents on the send form. Be sure to check the box “Send without a coversheet” prior to clicking on the"Send" button so that Trustfax will not generate a coversheet.
If you are sending by email to trustfax, attach both documents (own coversheet and document) to your email and add the coversheet option (coverpage:no) in the body of the email after the usename and code statements.
Trustfax does not allow you to modify the trustfax genereated coversheet at this time. This request has been added to Trustfax feature enhancements.