Trustfax charges pages for failed faxes :-\

I signed up for a Power User account and tried the service from the web interface. Nifty… I can send pdf’s, and other documents with minimal effort. Then I tried sending by email…

I had received and installed my personal email cert earlier tonight (is it coincidence that my “Collection Password” looks like “EvilDork”?) Maybe it’s just an editorial… it’s probably close to the truth, but I digress.

When I sent the first test message, it was rejected because “TrustFax does not support signed messages.” Ok, I can deal with that, but I’d prefer Trustfax just ignore the signature so I can leave the messages signed by default. My available page count decrimented.

This is not a big issue, it just surprised me. The larger issue (for me) is that I have to modify my behavior to satisfy the operational requirement of Trustfax. Is it not possible to simply strip the signature?

I know my users. I know myself. If I can simplify things, I will. Leaving the signature as a default is preferred because it’s one less thing to worry about. Definitely not a deal killer because the service works well. I just have preferences. Overall, I feel good about recommending this service.

Trustfax does not charge for failed faxes. Only faxes that are sent successfully are counted towards your account.

We appreciate all requests and suggestions to improve our service. We have documented your recommendation and place it on the agenda to address during our regular product and development meetings. Thank you for your input.

Thank you again for using Trustfax
Trustfax Support