Trusteer Rapport

My bank advises to use Trusteer Rapport to protect online banking sessions from being intercepted and not screen / key captured. It works fine with IE9, FF, Chrome, but not CD. Considering that CD is based on Chrome / Chromium, what’s the reason for this? Is it a bug or a feature of CD. It would be ideal to have the extra security of CD plus the “condom” of Trusteer Rapport.

Hi cavehomme,
I have not tried Trusteer Rapport, but it might be worth trying the following.
Disable (Untick) Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header) if you have it enabled.
Options, Under the hood, Privacy.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that does not fix the problem.

Sorry that did not work, I hope someone else can come up with some ideas to help.

I’ve got the same problem. Has anyone found a workaround to make trusteer work with comodo dragon yet?

Just upgraded CIS to v6 and thought I’d give CD a try at the same time.

AFAIK CD is based on Chrome with some of their “spyware” removed and some extra security features. Rapport runs on Chrome 22 & 23 so why doesn’t it run on CD?

Is it not possible to make CD appear to be Chrome for the purposes of Rapport?

The lack of support for Rapport kind of negates CD’s claim to be a “more secure browser” don’t you think?

I’m going back to Chrome only because Rapport won’t run on CD.

I know this is really a rapport issue but can nothing be done by Comodo? Please??

It’s just not compatible don’t ask me why I don’t know. But I never do banking in the CD. All banks say to use the IE. And you must use one browser for the daily tasks and another for the banking that’s what I do.

Update - got rid of Trusteer, for various performance reasons as well as realising my data was possibly being sent to Israel where I have no idea of what the data sharing agreements are with the EU.

Eventually back to CIS now. Working much better and smoother than ever before. With the ability to sandbox IE and other browsers for banking then I have no need for Trusteer, Webroot/Prevx Safeonline, etc.

Comodo is getting much better for stable everyday use, finally! Well done Melih and team (:CLP)