Trusteer Rapport Dialing Out To

I just installed Rapport on my XP SP3 installation. My bank offered it for free and I was curious.

It dials out to IP addresses at boot time and also while I surf in IE8.

Rapport is configured with installation defaults and I have turned off the error and malware event statistical reporting.

This sure the helll looks like spyware activity to me.

Oh my! I no sooner type up the the previous reply and poof, the connects from disappeared! Have I discovered psychic sofware or what? Or something to avoid like the plague?

Looks like Trusteer is using Amazon’s servers. I will have to digest that for a while. Does seem like a potential conflict of interest to me. Way to much data mining going on these days …

Does not give a “warm and fussy feeling” for anything hosted on Amazon servers.

Looks like no one cares much about Rapport :frowning:

Important note: Below comments apply to WIN SP3, IE8.

On my PC, I have seen minimal impact if any on system resources on my WIN XP SP3 installation. So you have to use your own judgement when evaluating all the negative web postings for Rapport I have seen in this area. On the other hand, I have a fairly powerful quad core processor, 8GB memory, a fast hard drive, and a 6 Gb/sec DSL connection. I did see about a two sec. longer boot time which I consider insignificant. It does appear most of the negative web postings were for earlier versions of Rapport. Rapport has no conflicts I have found with NIS 2011 running with “aggressive” settings and MBAM Pro with both real time and IP blocking active.

The software does have limited usefulness in that it really is designed to protect banking and specific e-commerce web sites. When you manually opt-in for protection of a web site, the protection is applied for the entire low level domain. For example, I wanted to protect only my AOL mail logon page. Could not protect just AOL Mail etc. Rapport protects all of That is bad since certain features do not run well at all when protected.

Rapport does “dial-out” to Amazon servers but not constantly like Prevx’s cloud processing does. This makes sense since it’s major protection features; screen capture, browser add-on, keylogging, logon on data, etc. are only being activated on “protected” web sites.

Rapport can be disabled via a Start menu → Programs → Trusteer Rapport → Stop Rapport option. I would recommend doing that when doing any critical off line processing like CD/DVD creation and the like.

Bottom line - Rapport is no Prevx or Defensewall. Nor is it up to the protection Zemana’s anti-keylogger gives. However, Rapport is free and none of the previous are.

BTW - Zemana, Trusteer, and Quaresso Protect On Q were the online banking security products to pass MRG’s June, 2011 assessment test on both clean and infected machines. Prevx passed on 32 bit OSes but failed on 64 bit ones.

One last important point. Make darn sure you do an OS partition image backup before installing these products. They are notoriously difficult to remove should you decide to uninstall.

After running Rapport for a couple of weeks, I got rid of it by restoring from a partiton image I took prior to installing it.

I got rid of it using the three strikes and you out rule.

Strike 1 - It “dials out” to servers too frequently. This excludes the standard dial-out at boot time to check for updates - most software does that. As other web posters have noted, there were a few browser ads that also appeared after I installed Rapport that weren’t there prior to it’s installation.

Strike 2 - It slowed down my fairly powerfully PC. Not excessively but enough to be noticed. CPU spikes with IE8 were higher but again not excessive. Frankly, I could not figure out what was causing the “suggishness.”

Strike 3 - Ran AKLT Keylogger Test. Rapport passed both screen capture tests. Comodo failed those. Rapport failed 4 of the 6 keylogger tests! If it can’t pass those simple tests, forget catching any real keylogger malware.

Trusteer - your out!

Amazon other than being online store is also a hosting company. Trusteer could be hoster with Amazon.