Trusteer Rapport Dialing Out To Again?

Hi All
I found this topic from 2011 and was advised to start a new post. I am new to the forum so please be gentle (I like gentle).

My Comodo firewall is reporting that Trusteer\Rapport\bin\RapportServices.exe is using TCP OUT to the following addresses. with a whopping 33.3 Mb out. It then gives another entry with 6Mb out. and with smaller Kb.
WhoIs tells me that these all belong to

Why would they send anything from my pc to amazon? TR are meant to be looking out for my security? What nearly 40Mb of data out? IS there anyway I can find out what was sent? Can I trust TR?

I have sent them an email but I am not holding my breath for an honest reply.

I am shocked by this and feel it is an intrusion of privacy. My bank suggested I use them some time ago but I never realised what they got up to. Scary Stuff.

If I stop using it what software do you suggest I replace it with.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I use TR and never noticed such things. Could be anything really. Trust? Well it’s your call.

You can replace it with Hitman Pro Alert or just use VK in CIS. It’s your choice.

Thanks for the reply Seany007. Never noticed it before myself and was actually looking for something else when I noticed the 33.3Mb out.

“Could be anything really” Well I dread to think what went out and why!. I have emailed both TR and my bank for an explanation but have not received a reply as yet. I normally find when you discover something like this you get ignored or fobbed off. We will see. I will post an update one way or the other.

I have blocked TR until I get a reply. If I don’t get one I will remove it from my system (and my PC) :slight_smile:

I have had a look at Hitman and will maybe use that instead.

Thanks for bothering to reply.


You are welcome. Yes keep me/us updated about this issue. :slight_smile:

Have received a reply from both my bank and TR.

The letter from the bank spoke about their long standing relationship with TR and said I should contact them (TR). The rest of the page was taken up with contact details. Not one comment about any of my concerns.

The email from TR said that they use amazon servers. The rest of the email was more like an excerp from a user manual. Again not one comment about any of my concerns.

I will not reply to the bank as my purpose was only to inform them although I must say I was disappointed by their reply.

I have replied to the TR email again expressing my concerns and asking why they were not addressed. I had to fill in an on-line questionnaire about the ticket I had raised, I again expressed my concerns.

I wait with bated breath. 88)


Thanks for the update :slight_smile: :-TU I expected something like this. Not good :-TD