Trusteer Rapport + CIS

Hi, I recently installed Trusteer Rapport and wonder if if conflict with CIS in any way? Actually its not really a malware scanning/analysing product… it just blockes keyloggers,man in the middle attacks, etc etc.


I have used both. Make sure that CIS excludes Trusteer processes and folder from all AV scans types (realtime, manual, scheduled), D+ and sandboxing.

The whole folder? Isnt that a bit unsecure?

Not in my personal experience. On vital software such as Rapport which is protecting banking communications, it must block everything effectively, so I do not want the risk that an AV or D+ is possibly interfering with other files in the Rapport folder and preventing correct interaction between Rapport services and those files.

Even if a malware tries to attack Rapport then it will be spotted by CIS anyway on whichever vector it arrives on the PC. In the unlikely event that CIS is avoided by the malware and it then places itself in the Rapport folder, then CIS could not help anyway because it already failed to see it.

I also make regular on-demand scans with MS Security essentials and that does check the Rapport folder, but I make sure that I am not using Rapport at that time.

Personally for me Rapport is too important to have CIS or any other software potentially and inadvertantly mess around with.

Hope this helps you in some way. Be sure to make your own decision though and which is right for your system or alternatively take professional advice if you are not so sure.

Alright… added the %appdata%/local/trusteer to trusted files/exclusions.

still i think rapport is causing some freezes to my system :confused:

Presently I am not using CIS, but I did until 3 months ago because I had some other problems with it. I remember that there was some slowness, but then I decided to only enable Trusteer when actually using banking or an important site. It is easy to switch on and off with icons in my taskbar in Win 7.

Now I use Privatefirewall and Malwarebytes Pro and Rapport on and it is nice and fast.

If not already, then contact Trusteer Rapport and ask them for advice on CIS compatibility, it is very easy to send them a message using the Rapport console and they reply normally the same day with helpful advice, in my experience.

Thanks I will contact them. Well I also use Rapport on some more sites than banking/paypal/ebay… e.g. amazon,facebook… so sites which normally are always opened in a tab.