Trusted Zone - what exactly is it?

I’ve read the manual and the Comodo help files and also the excellent FAQs on how to protect the wi-fi LAN but I’m not clear exactly what a trusted zone is.

3. On Comodo Personal Firewall, instead of adding your entire network range as a trusted zone, Add Only The IP Address of Your wifi-Router As Trusted. By this, even if someone succeeds in getting in your wifi-network, he won't have access at your computer and your personal documents.

I have a single computer (soon to be) connected to a Netgear gateway; I’m about to switch to ADSL broadband from dialup. I don’t understand why listing the router as trusted adds to security; it strikes me that I want Comodo to be distrustful of any data from whatever source - telling Comodo that the router is trusted surely makes it lower its guard? But then if I understood exactly what a trusted zone is, I’m sure the quote above would make sense to me.

Many thanks.


Hi Martin

A Trusted Zone should include all those IP numbers that your system should explicitly trust (eg. other LAN PCs, Print Server, Router). Communication packets that your Router sends to you from the Internet, will not have the source IP of the Router’s IP, but the source Internet IP. A Router’s IP is usually used to control & update the Router directly from the host system (you). Routers often have a hardware firewall or NAT and these do require configuration sometimes.