Trusted Wendors/Whitelist question

What’s the point of having Trusted Wendors/Whitelist database, when D+ will sandbox those files anyway?

Noted, Mr. Henky.
This has been mentioned before, and I personally hope will be fully resolved with the next release.
I have noted with the current release this does not happen as much.

For those who don’t use the Sandbox. :wink:

So Comodo admits Sandbox is useless? ;D

True as I’m thinking the same thing too :smiley:

Sandbox is another security layer, which also helps reduce popups.
If you don’t wish the sandbox, disable it.
Personally, I feel safer with it and D+ both active (I’ve seen alerts from all 4 - sandbox, D+, Firewall, and AV).

sandbox is important as a part of CIS.
comodo sandbox can make all “unknown” file run in the sandbox automatically.
this is a creative future and is superior to other security software.
You can disable it if you does not like the sanbox.

No to so much “unknow” in my case. And it’s really annoying to see sandbox notification of the same file over and over again of file that I said many times I DO NOT WANT TO RUN IT IN SANDBOX ANYMORE!
This is not “another security layer”, but more like “another annoyance layer”. :-TD

Ask your dad to rightclick Comodo Icon and inactivate Sandbox

agree with you buddy. though this automatic sandboxing is good for security, but its a pain if it doesn’t works properly. and right now comodo sandbox doesn’t works right. as you mentioned sandboxes whitelist apps, sandboxes whitelist apps without notification, sometimes even gives popup for whitelist app saying the app is digitally signed but not whitelisted by us, when infact its there in the trusted vendors. i had this experience while installing adobe flash player. even when allowed the installation of adobe with unlimited rights (the elevated priviledge popup) the adobe flash installation failed. when i checked i got to know a file related to adobe was sandboxed without popup and a file was automatically blocked by D+ without any popup. strange and weird but true. so many probs for installing a whitelisted app. i have a post regarding this here.

but once they make the sandbox work properly, CIS will be a very easy internet security suite for any type of users.


You can kiss my shiny ■■■.