Trusted vs Custom

I have been playing around with Comodo tonight and in my Network Security Policy (Firewall) I have all my games as custom by default. Like WOW,COD4,BF2,BF2142,TF2. Now should I switch them to trusted? Whats the main difference if I leave them as custom or trusted. I looked under the rules for both and they are the same. But somehow I think when its trusted that means your giving that program permission to do whatever it wants. Am I correct? Fellow Gamers? (R)

“Trusted application” is just a predefined firewall policy with one single rule in it:

Action: Allow
Protocol: IP
Direction: In/Out

Source Address: Any
Destination Address: Any
IP Protocol: Any

Having the same single rule in the custom policy you’ve created yourself makes no difference at all.

So making WOW,COD4 and BF2 a trusted program is ok right? Custom is more or less only if you need custom port setting I think.

I think so. As long as you trust an application not to make connections you don’t want it to make - it is OK. Most of the programs I have in Network Security Policy are either Trusted or Blocked. Trusted applications still obey global rules, and I rarely need finer control over what a certain application may or may not do.