Trusted Vendors list needs Country Flag Mark~ PLEASE!!

Comodo’s Trusted Vendors list needs Country Check Mark. (Filtering too)
I think China vendors are untrust. (some political reason ← I’m so Sorry… :-[)
The North Korea Hacker and China Hacker are often use China Digital Sign for their Malware.

Comodo’s Trusted Vendors is very useful. But…
Some Malware have used Trusted Vendors digital sign.
Now most South Korea Comodo BB users are bypassed by this malware. ;D ;D ;D

This malware has used Verisign Class 3 that “ShenZhen Thunder Networking Technologies Ltd.”
And South Korea users Internet Bank/OlineGames informations has being hacked. :o
(ShenZhen Thunder Networking Technologies Ltd. has used in Comodo Trusted Vendors)
(PS. Of course i removed all China Vendors ;D ;D ;D)

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If you ever come across any malware which is digitally signed by a vendor in the TVL please report it in this topic.

Thank you.