Trusted Vendors list in CIS v5

Upgraded to CIS v5 a few days ago, and I have some problem with the trusted vendors list.

What I like to do is trust only COMODO and Microsoft products, leaving everything else up to my own personal certification by way of D+ alerts.

But with CIS v5 I can’t find the checkbox to trust or not trust the list of trusted vendors.

Also, this morning I noticed that it had re-added Adobe and MindArk and something else which I do NOT want it to do.

How do I tell it to NOT add anything itself, and to only automatically trust those which I choose to trust (COMODO and Microsoft) ???

Unfortunately, the option has been removed. All untrusted files are checked against the Vendors List in the cloud. All you can do is delete every entry you don’t want from the Vendors List (which will wear out your mouse button). You’ll have to check it periodically to remove recently added vendors. It’s a pain, I know. :-\

A couple of settings can help w/this:

Automatically detect the installers / updaters and run them outside the Sandbox - On execution of an Installer or an Updater, the application is run outside the Sandbox. Select this option only if you are going to run installers / updaters from trusted vendors.

Automatically trust the files from the trusted installers - Files that are generated by trusted installers are also trusted. This means that they will not be sandboxed.

Disable both of these, and as long as the Defense+ Security Level is ‘paranoid’, you’ll be alerted at launch time of any installer’s activity. At that time you can specify whether the actions to be taken by an installer are to be ‘trusted’, i…e., treat app as an installer. That will allow at least the installation to occur w/out bothering you for each and every action undertaken during installation. Subsequently, when the installed app is launched, you’ll be queried for each system resource access requested by said installed app.

However, in ‘safe’ mode Security Level, installers that are digiitally signed by vendors having CA issued certificates - required for vendors to be in the Comodo Trusted Vendor List - will execute w/out sandboxing; I believe all files created / installed by said intallers will b considered ‘trusted’ also, i.e., circumventing any Computer Security Policy in place for said installed application.

Esentially there are potentially three components to this matter: self-extracting zip, setup.exe, and the installed app; poetentially lots of alerts be happenin’.

I like to specify ‘installer’ (don’t remembmer this) for the self-extracting.exe (otherwise it’ll barrage with alerts for each and everyt file it extracts to %SystemRoot%\Temp), run as ‘installer’ for set-up.exe (don’t remember this), and then when the app launches, ‘remember this’ for each system resource access attempt (progessively builds HIPS baseline for application’s acces rights).

I find that holding Alt+R is much faster than clicking ‘Remove’ 3,000 times.

But, this is quite stupid, I do not want it to randomly add things to the trusted list. I hope Comodo makes an option to disable this, because I do not like it.

Might go back to CIS v4 in this case.


I don’t use the sandbox, and I don’t know if all the installers I run are going to be ones that I want to trust. Some of them might want to do things like install Google toolbar etc and I will want to block that from even running with Defense+

Just because Comodo treats some applications as trusted doesn’t mean that I want to let them do whatever they want.

At which point, you answer all opening installer screens appropriately, denying that which you do not want.
Issue resolved.

I fail to see how that will stop CIS from automatically adding vendors to the trusted list. Or did I miss something?

If you remove entries from the Trusted Vendors List, you have to lose cloud protection otherwise it just puts them back. (Defense+ Settings two entries to remove cloud)


I don’t mind having files scanned in the cloud and if a particular file is found safe, allow it to run, I just don’t want it compared to a Trusted Vendors List and then deemed safe. Thus, I’ve disabled all of the cloud scanning and just rely on the DB signatures. Kind of sad, since the cloud analysis is a nice feature.