Trusted Vendors list gone?


I don’t know what happened. This morning when I turned on my machine I noticed that Comodo Defense+ is acting weird - it started asking about all programs that worked previosuly just fine. So after awhile I looked at the Trusted Software Vendors and… the list was completely empty. How do I get it back? Or at least the default one.


I had this happen a couple of times with CIS 4.1 WIN7/32.
In my case the cmdagent.exe wasn’t in running processes any more, seemed to have had a “silent crash”.
Restarting windows fixed it every time.

Give it a shot

Unfortunately, cmdagent is running and I had restarted Windows several times earlier. I might just have to add those values manually but I’m afraid that they will get erased again.

do a repair, go to misc tab at the top, and click run diagnostics, then reboot, it should be back now.

Ran diagnostic tool as well and it said it didn’t find any problems.

Maybe the list could somehow be imported if it is backed up somewhere? Or should I reinstall whole Comodo?

if diagnostics does not bring it back you will have to reinstall, sorry.

Ok… One more question related to this, though. Since trusted vendors are gone some of my programs are being ran in a sandbox. But I can access all files, etc. from within them? I though the programs should be virtualized in VirtualRoot folder but I can see only the applications I manually ran sandboxed. I guess it is as well not working as it should be? Where are the virtual registries and such (other than VirtualRoot folder) placed?

Automatically sandboxed programs do not get virtualized. Only manually sandboxed files get sandboxed.