Trusted vendors and clean pc mode.

??? ??? Hello, forum members. Perhaps one of you can shed some light regards trusted vendors being added, only works when the settings for Defense+ are in clean pc mode. I read this in a post today by Kronos and wonder if its correct, as if it is then i thought when you attempt to add a trusted vendor, reboot at some point then the settings revert to default, was a bug in Cis, not a case of it having to be in clean pc mode to retain your added trusted vendors. I may be way off on this one or misunderstood what Kronos was saying but would appreciate some feedback/ comments.

Dave 1234.

Trusted Vendors works in Safe Mode also.
This bug should be resolved with the 3.9 release.

The bug causes the CIS updater to think there are updates available even when you have the latest version. When updating the “phantom update” and rebooting, CIS reverts to the default Trusted Vendor list.

Like John said, should be fixed in 3.9