trusted vendor or trusted app

I was wondering which was easier to do if I was to install things like itunes and things from a trusted company and what the good and bad points of each are?

also does removing a trusted vendor undo all the learned actions of defense+ or do I have to remove them manually, also which takes precedent my settings or Comodo’s?

lastly if Comodo was to gain more of a safe list and it conflicted with my settings would it correct any settings I set wrong or would I have to do this myself?

I know its a lot to ask but I appreciate any help you can give me, cheers

I will answere some of your questions…

No removing a trusted vendor will not mess with your learned actions in D+. You have to do that manually. :■■■■

you mean, if their are diffrent rules? You set it a application to blocked while its from a trusted vendor/whitelisted? In that case at least in paranoid mode your settings will be the boss.

The whitelist is simply there to help users make good choises, and to reduce popups (for those in safe mode).
You can block/restrict what ever you like, and it will be that way. Your settings overrides the white list.

Comodo will not alter (touch) your previous settings when the white list gets expanded. (:HUG)
Neither will it conflict, its your setup comodo respect that and run according to the rules you want.

If a certain program learns to trust various commands such as disk access or other program interaction can I make it de-learn them ie go back to before the program was allowed to be trusted. Is it as simple as remove a program from the trusted list?

sorry if I havent described it properly

You would edit the settings for the application & save your changes.

Defense Plus Tab; Advanced Tab; Computer Security Policy.

Highlight the application, choose edit, then the Application System Activity Control dialog box appears.

Choose either a different choice in the drop-down box for use a pre-defined policy; or edit the custom policy by choosing it & clicking on access rights.

Alternatively, delete the highlighted application instead of editing it. This removes the rules you’ve created from Comodo, & when you next run the application you’ll be starting fresh.

thankyou mate, I just get a bit confused with what programs should access what processes