'Trusted Vendor' need serviceability.

Some vendor has hacked. And Malware was used their “digital signed”.
Ex) “Zhengzhou”
(The Activex malware was used ‘Zhengzhou’ digital signed.)

When I remove some Vendors, it really uncomfortable.
“Trusted Vendors” need ‘check box’ and ‘search’. :smiley:

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I looked at the TVL and saw multiple entries you may have been referring to.

Were you referring to “zhengzhou jinhui computer system engineering co. ltd”, “Zhengzhou longlin technology Co.,Ltd.”, or “ZhengZhou VCOM Technology Development CO.,LTD”? Also, if you believe malware is using their signatures please post it in this topic along with a link to why you believe it is no longer trustworthy.

Sorry, the page you linked to was in Korean, so I couldn’t get a great idea of what’s going on with the digital signature.