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To make CIS an approachable application for the masses we need to have a as large and comprehensive trusted vendor list as possible. And by added all these vendors to your list you are not compromising your security in any way. Dch48 has definitely got the right idea on this.


By whom and by what criteria should a vendor be added to a list?


+1 :-TU

The Problem is that sadly not all companies use Code Signing Certificates.

They’re usually just small companies though; or not even a company. As long as we get all of the Code Signing companies in line, I’m sure the rest will begin to follow suit; hopefully.

The Adware writers will probably try to put up a fight. lol

Aren’t ‘Code Signing Certificates’ Free? I’m almost sure I saw something somewhere.

Please add:
Mozilla Messaging Inc. -
Quicksys -
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Please add Synaptics also.

I had a recent issue with that. See here:;new;topicseen#new

I like the idea of trusted vendors, so I don’t need to click a thousand “Allow/block check-boxes” when install or first use a program, but allowing unmonitorable and unstoppable back-door access to the internet is WRONG.

I would rather put up with the thousands of allow/block check-boxes than allow these vendors who I DO NOT TRUST (just because you have chosen to) to use my internet connection to “phone home” and effectively spy on me.

Especially when your Comodo News Headlines read “undetected malware threats a growing risk for internet users” (thu, mar 25th, 2010 08:00:00 est). You are the ones creating back-doors for these “undetected” threats!

How about a trusted vendor setting which allows the trusted vendors to install with a minimum of verbosity, but not connect to the internet without explicitly warning the user first? Hello?!

Just a thought, as I would personally prefer a comprehensive and robust firewall, with integrity, and not the loose jalopy of an over-trusting corporate-back-door-■■■■■ which you are bending over backwards trying to become.

How can I disable the Trusted Vendor List ?
I don´t want a programm to phone home without my knowledge.

Why on earth is the “My Trusted Vendors list” Not alphabetically sorted? ??? ??? ???
Please Add Blizzard Entertainment and Electronic Arts to the list

When you are in the Trusted Vendor List just click on “Vendors (Signer Name in the Code Signing Certificate” and the list will be sorted alphabetically.

Thank you. My bad, I clicked it too many times :frowning:

It would be great to add the online backup service providers:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Creative Labs Inc

Valve -