Trusted Vendor List - SignUp

Hi Everyone,
This is to inform you that we have come up with Trusted Vendor Sign Up procedure, where vendors who code signs their products, can sign up to be added to Trusted Vendor List maintained by Comodo Internet Security.

We are also going to get in touch with all vendors who have popular products but do not code sign their binaries.

Here is the link:


Can we submit trusted venders also using the page?
or does it have to be a company member?

Thank you, Umesh.

I have noticed with Logitech, there are two signatures. Logitech, and Logitech Inc.


As page states it is for vendors. This is simply an interface for any vendor to request to be added into trusted vendor list. We had requests from certain vendors in past but we did not have any interface for them but now we have one.

You can feel free to suggest us through this forum as what other vendors you would like to see to be added to trusted vendor list and we can consider those. But this form is exclusively for vendors.


Adobe Systems, Incorporated
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Google Inc.
Google Inc

Malwarebytes Corporation

Well, here we go again.

I would love to see these in CIS

List so far posted by users (And to be added in CIS):
2BrightSparks Pte Ltd -
ACD Systems International Inc. -
Acresso Software Inc. -
Acronis -
Adobe Systems, Incorporated -
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc -
Agnitum -
Alcohol Soft -
Apple -
Ashampoo -
Auslogics Software - Trusted PC Optimization Software Provider Since 2008 — Auslogics
Autodesk -
ALWIL Software (avast!) -
AVG Technologies -
Avira -
Bitsum -
BitTorrent Inc (BitTorrent/µTorrent) -,
Blizzard -
Broadcom -
Canon -
Cerulean Studios, LLC -
cFos Software -
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. -,
Cisco -
Corel Corporation -
Creative Labs -
Crytek -
CV. TweakNow Indonesia -
CyberLink -
Daemon Tools -
Dell -
Diino AB -
Diskeeper Corporation -
DivX, Inc. -
dotPDN LLC -
DriveSentry Inc -
Elaborate Bytes AG -
Emisoft -
Emsi Software GmbH -
ESET (Nod32) -
ESTsoft Corp. -
Even Balance Inc -
EverNote Corporation -
F-Secure -
Foxit Software Company - Free PDF Reader & Viewer - Online Download | Foxit Software
GlobalNet Limited -
Google Inc.
Gpsoft -
HP -
Hwinfo -
Illustrate Limited -
Ilya Kheifets -
Indigo Rose -
Intel -
IObit -
Javacool Software -
Kaspersky -
Lavalys -
Lavasoft -
Lexmark International Inc. -
Lime Wire LLC -
Logitech -
LogMeIn -
LSoft Technologies Inc -,
M-Audio -
Malwarebytes -
McAfee -
Mozilla Corporation -
NCH Software -
Nero -
NewsGator Technologies, Inc. -
Nokia -
Nuance -
Nvidia - World Leader in AI Computing
O&O -
Orbit - New Wallpapers For FREE |
Paragon Software -
Piriform -
PassMark Software -
PC Tools -
Piriform Ltd -
PKWare -
Power Archiver -
Quark, Inc. -
Rare Ideas, LLC
Raxco (PerfectDisk) -
Ray Adams (ATi Tray Tools) - - Сервис регистрации доменов и хостинга *.RU-TLD.RU
RealNetworks, Inc. -
Realtek =
RIM (Makers of BlackBerrys) -
Safer Networking Ltd. -
Samsung Mobile, Samsung
Secunia -
Securom -
Smith Micro Software, Inc. -,
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communictaions -
Sonycreative Software -
Spybot -
Spybot -
Stardock Corporation -
Star Force -
Sun Microsystems - www.sun.comIntel - -
Tall Emu -
Technology Nexus AB -
Techpowerup -
Tonec -
Trend Micro, Inc. -
Truecrypt -
Tuneup Software GmbH -
uTorrent -
Valve Corporation -
Valve - / Welcome to Steam
Ventis Media, Inc. -
VMWare -
Winamp(signed with aol cert) -
Windows Live Services -
Winpatrol -
WinZip Computing - WinZip for Mac - Zip Files, Unzip Files
VirtualBox -
VMWare -
VS Revo Group -
Xfire -
Xobni Corporation -
Yahoo! Inc. -

That would be enough for the first part I guess ?


Please add the option to allow users to decide which vendors are added to the trusted vendors list. :-*

Blizzard also signs as Blizzard Entertainment

This is excellent news. I hope all the safe providers sign up.

I don’t like the idea of file sharing programs being in the safe vendors list, many nasty things come through p2p so I would want to be alerted to everything these types of programs do instead of saying ok allow it by default

Yup your right i would hate having p2p on a trusted list or anything else that connect to the web and downloads stuff.

You would still be alerted to any malicious actions attempted by a downloaded file. The P2P programs themselves are safe, some of the stuff you can download with them is not. I think D+ would protect you by filtering out the baddies.

Pardon my naivety.
As I recalled CIS 3.5 Trusted Vendor List had only Comodo and Microsoft in it. When CIS 3.8 came out that list had about a dozen “trusted vendors”, and several members of this forum were complaining about why so many or which to trust and they agreed that it was too much. Also they could not remove from the list any of them without the automatic update to reinstalled the removed vendors again (Sorry but I could not find the thread).
Now CIS 3.9 is great and though the Trusted Vendor List has a couple more vendors, they can be removed without problems. OK tell me, what happens when the next upgraded CIS comes out and it has to be installed clean, like it happened to CIS 3.5 to CIS 3.9 and even to import your saved configuration does not work. Do we have to remove one by one a hundred, two hundred plus trusted vendors from that list ??? Hey I am glad I can use a TOP security app like CIS for free, but users like me are the one who advises others to buy the product, and I am also glad I can add whatever vendor I fancy but to impose a huge list to us is a little hard to let it by without saying anything.

BTW. I was having this error in my aplication log.

Tipo de suceso: Error

Origen del suceso: crypt32

Categoría del suceso: Ninguno

Id. suceso: 8


Error en la recuperación de actualización automática del número de secuencia de la lista raíz de terceros de: con el error: Esta operación ha regresado debido a que el tiempo de espera ha caducado.

In plain English, My computer could not update third parties root certifications, and there were no reasons why not or which “third party”. I know the url address is Windowsupdate but since I removed all trusted vendors from the list, left only Comodo and Microsoft, the erros are gone. It could be related or not, however I had to inform of it.

I do not want to start a debate here, just clearing my mind. Thank you for listening.

If the vendors have been certified as being safe, there is absolutely no reason to remove them from the list. Not even if you will never use any of their products. The list needs to be MUCH larger.

To look at it another way, if you aren’t using the software and never plan to, there is absolutely no reason to have them on your trusted list… 88)

The user should always have control over who they consider trusted! Adding a huge pre-defined list to CIS with every software update and expecting the user to simply delete those vendors they don’t want on the list is just tedious and a poor design decision.

I guess they never did say whose trust they were talking about when they said they were building trust online. It’s apparently not the trust of their users. :wink:

I’ve lost the touch to how CIS is working now…
But what exactly trusted means ?

For example I migth not want some of those vendor to access internet without my conscent.
However they surelly can move file and registry arround…

Maybe it would be better to have two lists.

List A: Certified Vendor
List B: Trusted Vendor / Operating system / Comodo

Then user can switch vendor between trust or known list.
By default you can make both list with equal trust but then user can choose what to do.

The only thing I’m worried is that a certified compagny do a add-supported software and install a toolbar on one of their product. I want to be notified if I miss the screen and the uncheck button.

Every toolbar I have ever seen can be easily uninstalled. I don’t think that’s a concern really.

CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd. -
Sun Microsystems GmbH -

Put Firewall in Custom Policy Mode then it wont allow any connection unless you say so