Trusted Vendor List Security and Maintenance Problems

I am enjoying making my computer sader with the Comodo Internet Security Pack quite some time now.
It has greatly helped my avoid unwanted activity on my Windows Box and i hope you guys continue this greta program.

But recently was very surprised when executing a program, expecting a comodo warning to popm up before anything else happens (so i can configure what actions i do alow and which not) and there just wasnt one.

Then i saw the Trusted vendor list and, yes, really, it was on the list.

I therefore came here to note that the Trusted Vendor List needs staff attention:

  • There are entries that just shouldnt be there. Why would Comodo auto-trust Vendor entries that are outdated, not for common users, definitely not the way one would usually expect to happen in the background, withouth warning bubbles. Examples: “Google (Test)”, “Priviledged Signing Cert” (btw, who owns this awesome signer name?), “TEST USE ONLY”, “ (test)”, “Microsoft Windows 2000 Beta” (WTF! if someone shows up with that certificate now, he should be quarantined, not trusted), “DELSLAPTOP\owner”, “DAD-PC\owner” etc (dont trust obviously fail-entries, how did this even get on the list???)
  • There are quite some entries which shouldnt be there because although the company is world-wide known and the executables do not contain specific malware, yet are known for repeatedly violating EU/local law and thus should fire many warnings when they install possibly illegal services. examples: Electronic Arts Inc, Apple*

I also have some questions i hope someone can answer:

  • How do i delete all preinstalled entries in the list? i would like to keep my entires and the needed ones for comodo, though…
  • HOW DO I DISABLE AUTOMATICALLY ADDING VENDORS OF EXECUTED FILES TO MY LIST. This is vital to security. Why does this even happen?
  • Is there anyway to select/delete mutiple entries at once? My list is quite long, its hard to manage. I didnt manage to open it in an external program.

thanks for reading, have a nice day

attached: related resources:
Comodo Internet Security Version 6.0 > Advanced Settings > Security Settings > Manage File Rating > Trusted Vendors List

No one replied to this post, so I’d like to bump it up, hoping in a better fortune :a0

To have an updated Trusted+Vendor list is it sufficient to substitute in my 5.10 version the old files

  • vendor.h
  • vendor.n
    with the same ones that come from a 6.2 installation?

Are they “compatible” between them?

Do these vendor.* files get updated automatically in the program?

The comodo truster vendor list is a shame, and it shouldn’t be trusted. There are certs used by malware, weird certs that could be use by the NSA or anyone, certs outdated…;msg696630#msg696630

I understand now why nobody from comodo appears when there is a post about this. There is like a secret halo around the TVL and nobody has the details of each entry.

You can pm to Melih or Egemen to get an answer.

Thanks for your point of view :-TU
Let us see what egemen has to say

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I would like to use the tvl. How big a problem is the occurrence of these companies somehow making malware? Thank you.
Some ask how big the problem is... the easiest way to see it is go to this link

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Comodo have now provide a box you can untick if you do not trust or do not wish to use the TVL.

Why would I want to hide or close the topic for removing Trusted and Whitelisted.

I am very grateful to the members who make a big effort to find problems and post in that topic and also in the Whitelisting topic for the benefit of all members.

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