Trusted Softwre Vendor List is empty

I’ve just noticed that on the v5.12.256249.2599 implementation of CIS on my system that the TSVL is empty.

Is this an intentional recent development by Comodo, or is there something wrong with my installation?

That’s odd. Version 5.12 should have the files. I’ve attached the latest TVL files from v6.0 (they use the same files). They belong in the CIS program directory in the database folder.

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I’ve enquired the vendor database and it exists, albeit with a size 1KB. Interestingly enough the files mod / access timestamps are dated about 20 minutes ago. However, I’ve discovered this phenomenon several hours ago.

I’ve never deleted either it, or any (or all) of its entries. There’s been several CIS updates recently that I’ve installed (several of which have demanded reboot). None of the updates have resulted in entries to AV scheduled scans, or reimplemenation of SVCHost into the ‘Windows System Applications’ file-group.

CIS appears to be functioning properly.

Did you run the diagnostics? More->Diagnostics

o.k. it found errors it could not fix. Created DRF.xml (see attached with renamed extension TXT)

Three occurances of “failed”:

BTW: those references to AV scheduled scans & SVCHost are customizations I implement to default configuration post CIS update / upgrades.

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I would recommend doing a complete uninstall and re-installation.

Per this ancient thread:

this was suggested:

regsvr32 cmdaruns.dll

MD5 for the file = ed91a5fd8c8ba0ad0d8dbed078853340

MD5 for CAVSHELL.DLL = ed064f3b8ac1fbb76d6f788bb116b7ce

Dunno if these are correct; they are the same hash for the same files contained in Ghost images from 9 Jan 13 & 19 Feb 13.

Obviously I’m going to take the path of least resistance here, i.e., regsvr32 route. However, what’s the sense in registering corrupt DLL’s? The thing is I have no other versions available. So IF those are valid hash then I’ll attemp regsvr32, else I’m choiceless other than to engage in the Ancient Phonecian CIS re-install dance. Bleh.

How long’s it going to take for somebody to validate the hash that I presented?


I went the Ancient Egyptian re-register CIS DLL’s dance - humina humina wabbee wabbee humina humina humina foot-stomp head-thrust head-thrust wabbee wabbee humina foot STOMP!

reboot and ran CIS Dx report: NO errors found.

TSVL remains empty. Dunno how long that takes to repopulate if everything is up to snuff in CIS. In the 8:33 minutes since I rebooted the CIS update icon came up, the CIS sys tray icon spun its gears for a few seconds indicating IP traffic and then the CIS update icon went away.

I can’t confirm the checksums for you since I’m running v6.0.

Something must be awry with your installation. The TVL files should be in place after installation. If the diagnostics can’t fix it, I would do a reinstall. If you don’t have a copy of v5.12, you can find links here:;msg653192#msg653192

Copy that.

:-TU (If the site had a ‘like you’ button: I’d mash it a couple times for your benefit (and then once for good measure).

TBS & FWIW: I compared hash of those two files to a concurrent installation of CIS v5.12.256249.2599 and established they are valid.

I’m not all that concerned, per se, the TSVL is empty per this thread. In fact if there was a way to dsable it I’d be quite happy.

I was just suprised discovering that it actually was empty. This is all preciptating out of the aforementioned thread and the recent 0-Day Java exploits. However, I digress (for now).

My understanding is that prior to CIS v6, you could delete ALL 300 million entries in the TSVL but they end up coming back anyways so long as cloud checking is enabled.

This thread:

makes reference to deleting the TSVL DB outright; this offers apparently a permanent solution? Perhaps if the TSVL DB, i.e. .n file, gets deleted it doesn’t ever get repopulated?

What has been established: the MD5 for these two files that CIS Dx compained about is valid. We also know now is that the CIS Dx returns no errors now after doing that silly Ancient Egyptian reg-fix dance. Moreover, its been established post-dance reboot CIS update enquiry occured but no download / update occured.

If you want to disable the TVL in v5.12:

  1. Open Notepad and save it as vendor.n

  2. Repeat and save it as vendor.h

Both of these files should be blank and have 0 kb in size.

Place both of these files in the database folder overwriting the originals.

Roger that.


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