Trusted Software Vendors

Each time you reboot, the TRUSTED SOFTWARE VENDORS list is reset to its default state (REGARDLESS OF WHICH VENDORS YOU HAVE REMOVED YOURSELF), including all sorts of vendors that publish DATA MINING (spy) software* (Google) and BACKDOORED** software (Skype and Paltalk). There is NO EXCUSABLE REASON for this behavior.

This indicates to me collusion on the part of Comodo with data mining corporations such as Google, and to a lesser extend Apple. I can no longer recommend this software in any sense: it is SECURITY THEATRE. It is such a shame such a well-implemented piece of software is hampered by ‘usability’ concerns that completely sh!t upon it’s security model.

I now use Outpost Pro with EQSecure behavior monitor. These softwares do not attempt to make the user’s mind up for him, and allow EACH USER to decide for himself which software is allowable - such as THE SMARTER USERS GET THE BETTER PROTECTION instead of all users’ security being equalized to the lowest common denominator of technologically inept lusers who can not properly configure software they shouldn’t be using.

NO SOFTWARE can be secure without a savvy operator. To make ‘the community’ operate a piece of software is ridiculous, and suffers all the same shortfalls of the anti-pattern ‘design by committee’.

I can no longer use Comodo software; such an egregious error in published code indicates to me a willful oversight on the part of it’s developers.

Comodo: I gave you my trust, and you wiped your collective 4ss with it.

This topic will probably be deleted, but… if you read it first, REMEMBER:


They can no longer be trusted for the aforementioned reasons. Do not let a piece of software that is being lead in such a direction by complete knuckleheads install a kernel driver and gain complete control over your system.

I read somewhere 80% of computers have some form of Potentially unwanted program installed upon them. Should I trust the wisdom of the Community and let malware be installed upon mine?

*I take as evidence that Google software (namely Desktop Search) is mining data because it transmits encrypted data over the course of it’s operation with no need to do so.

**I take as evidence that Skype and Paltalk are backdoored (because, they transmit encrypted packets within the scope of their INTENDED operation) that, as communications devices distributed within the United States of America, they are required by the U.S. Government to have backdoors installed under the FISA Amendments 2007.

The Undersigned

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