Trusted Software Vendors Problem Please Help

Hello, to everyone out there. First of all I would like to say thanks to the Comodo team for such a great product. I have been a user or the Firewall and Defense + for about a year now, and I am very pleased with both products.

I do however have an issue with the Trusted Software Vendors section right now.
Just yesterday I committed what is probably the equivalent of hearsay and betrayal. I decided to test out another firewall (PC Tools Firewall Plus-- awful). Obviously it did not take very long to know that I had made a mistake, and I reinstalled Comodo.
Unfortunately now I am unable to add my programs to the Trusted Software Vendors list like I had done previously. Instead I get an error message stating “This file does not seem to be a valid signed executable”
This are programs that I was able to place on my Trusted Software Vendor list previously.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice now.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Hi Vorpalstar

Welcome to the Comodo forum

What version of CIS were you running before? Is it possible that you imported your settings from an older version before. Version .477 only allows you to use signed vendors.

The other thing is that there has been a problem with the latest version and the trusted software vendors list and that could be giving you the trouble.


Thanks for the fast response. To be perfectly honest I do not know the version I was running before, because I did update whenever prompted to do so I can assume it was fairly up to date.

You did mention that there has been some problems with the latest version and signed vendors. I am going to have to take a guess that this might very well be the issue I am having. I probably did not notice it until I did the uninstalling and reinstalling of Comodo.

I will give it some time, as I am sure it is an issue that will be resolved soon.

Thanks again.

It also doesn’t really matter at the moment because currently if you add or remove anything from the list, CIS feels it requires an update. Letting the software update will result in you getting the default list reinstalled.

The developers are aware of the problem ( it has been added into the bug list) so it should be fixed in the next update.