Trusted Software Vendors contains duplicate entries

Sorting the Trusted Software Vendors list by clicking on its heading shows many duplicate entries.

Some examples are:-
ALM Works
ALTAP, spol. s r.o.
ALWIL Software

I would assume that this must have at least a slight negative effect on performance, either when searching the list or when downloading a new version.

Can anyone explain this?

I don’t see any duplicates on my TVL for these.

Since the whole Trusted Vendor List is less than 1.2MB, I strongly doubt that it would cause any significant impact on performance even if there were hundreds of duplicates (which there isn’t).

edit: missed the SHA1 file… nearly doubles the total combined TVL size.

Did you sort your list before checking? The duplicates won’t be obvious otherwise.

I didn’t say the performance impact would be significant, however even very small impacts add up when there are large numbers of them!

Yes, of course I did. What’s the combined disk size of your current TVL?

Sure, but equally even an extremely large number of very small things doesn’t necessarily add up to anything significant. It would need to be quantified.

OK I agree that any impact caused by duplicates would be minimal. I just want to know why they are there, and if there is a simple way to delete them.

My TVL files are:-
Name Size Modified
vendor.h 80192 30/10/2011
vendor.n 426568 30/10/2011
vendor.sha 408020 19/01/2011

The 4 examples of duplicates I listed in my first post are in both vendor.n and vendor.sha.