"Trusted" soft pending + Search and Sort

One question, one proposal

I’ve just installed new drivers for M$ intellipoint. D+ option “Trust the apps digitally signed…” is on; “My trusted Soft vendors” - M$ Corparation is there by default. Now in “My Pending Files” 30 new M$ files “waiting for my review” (hopeless :slight_smile: ).
Also ALWIL Software (Avast AV) is in “My trusted Soft vendors” list and every Avast exe is marked as “Trusted App” but D+ today twice asked for permissions for ashdisp.exe which IS digitally signed.
(Clean PC mode, as always)

So, question is: what means options “Trusted, Signed”?

After just two days there is hundreds entries in “Pending Files”, “Own safe files”, Comp. and Network “Security Policy” windows - too hard to find something. (And what will be after two weeks? :slight_smile: )

So, proposal is: “Search” option or at least “Sort by…”


Hi ei4ia - with luck the pending files list will automated later, but for now, you have to lookup files to check for valid signatures. The Pending list should be first Purge’d to remove any temp files or other files no longer on your HD and then you should do a Lookup. Signed files are ID’d there. You can submit any files you want checked (don’t check the “Remember my choice” box - I can’t see how you can undo this choice). Finally, Remove the files from the list to empty it out.