Trusted programme (IDImager) is never trusted

This is my first post here. I hope somebody can help.

Whenever I start IDImager[1] on my PC, a Defense+ Alert box appears and I need to click ‘Allow’ (see attachment CIS_alert). This happens even if I first select the option ‘Always trust this file or package’. This is pretty annoying because CIS appears to be ignoring what I tell it.

In Defense+ ‘Trusted Files’ I already have IDImager listed, but it seems to be ignored. (see attachment CIS_trusted)

In ‘View Defense+ Events’, every time IDImager starts it logs ‘Create process,Block file’. (see attachment CIS_events)

[1] DAM software which is quite legitimate and available from

Why does CIS always treat IDImager with suspision and how can I make it stop doing so?

David Green

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PLease see this FAQ here.

Thanks for that link. The solution that worked for me was to use Computer Security Policy ~ Defence plus rules ~ to add and apply the predefined ‘Installer/Updater’ Policy to the troublesome programme. Now it starts OK and I’m happy!

D Green

Glad it worked