trusted program which is blocked to internet

I have trusted program which is blocked to internet.
How I can varify if it is blocked by COMODO or their is another problem?
If the problem is from COMODO ,how I can define it as a program which COMODO will give it acess to internet?

thank you

Hi mate,

Have a look under Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy:---->This is the list where all the applications which have been assigned a firewall rule are.
Can you see anything in the list set as a “Blocked application”?
If yes highlight it and select Remove,then APPLY
What happens when you try to access the internet with this program?


This program does not appear as blocked.
It is allowedall request by me and so it appear: “Allow All Requests”
Does it mean that the problem is not in comodo?
The message I get from the program: “can not connect to the data base”

Right click on the CIS system trsy icon and select DISABLED for both the Firewall and Defense+. If the error still occurs then it’s most likely not a Comodo fault.

This isn’t a solution, but at least this will rule out some possibilities or point us in a more definitve direction.

Ewen :slight_smile: