trusted ntwk zone - include router's IP?

Newbie - just installed today. I have a home ntwk with several computers, some wired + some wireless, which assigns IP’s with DHCP because of all the movement. It’s working with a Trusted Ntwk using a zone which includes the router’s IP, plus the DHCP range. I’m concerned whether it’s secure with the router’s IP in the Trusted range. Is there any concern? Will it work if the range is JUST the DHCP range and excludes the router’s IP?

And another question- I take a laptop to work and connect to many different networks, so I want to turn this Trusted range off when I’m “out there”, and back on when I plug back in at home. Is there a way to “suspend” the rules, without removing them? Or do I just remove them, and re-do the Trusted Ntwk thing when I get back?


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  1. It’s secure to ad the routers IP.

  2. You can move the rules down, lower than the default “Block IP/Out” rule. CFP reeds the rules from top to bottom.
    check these links too,361.0.html,5340.0.html