Trusted network zone?

Guess I don’t understand network zones. If my home network is ( Comodo asssigns it a zone. The global rules trust this zone.

Now if I connect with my laptop to an unsecure router with the same address mask, doesn’t Comodo trust this as well? i.e. does it distinguish between routers with the same address mask?

Am I missing something? Am I explaining my concerns properly?


first you have to know that nework zone is for sharing purposes, you will get internet dont matter what if the zone is trusted or no
you only need to make a network zone trusted if you wish to use a printer on the lan
i personally think that network zones auto detect is wron on every firewall
i never can trust a zone forever for the reason you just said
so i recomend you to disable network zone auto detect if you arent goin to share services betwen lan

I understand that. But I do want file and printer sharing on my “home network”, so I have to have that zone in Comodo.

Do I need to delete that zone everytime I’m “roaming” so a foreign router isn’t trusted?

what u have to do is have the printer and file sharing with user password protected
then u can have that zone in trusted and if you move the laptop to another “untrusted router” then if someone is trying to access you files they will have to know you username and password
remember that the user name is also a password

Than how is Comodo protecting me? If my file and printing sharing are password protected, why do I need a firewall?

I thought there was a way to have a “trusted” network that would be different than a roaming “untrusted network” with the same IP address/mask.

Without firewall you files will be accessible even with password protection
The hackers bypass they by going over ports like the internet port 80 with is normal port for html but they can inter in your computer through that port and many others
That’s what the firewall do, block those port from intrusion an abnormal use

you may wan to run this test
note you may get wron result based on the router to get the real result based on the pc you may have to redirect ports fron router to the pc
i get 100% success on all ports but i have saw other ppl in this forun who fail terribly, thats a router issue.

also you can make you network zone unique by editing the setting of the router then there is no nessesary to have a password if you have only that zone trusted. yes do that

No one says the guest router shall be in the same 192.168.1.n range.

If it does, and if you still want to keep a trusted network at home, the solution is to make 2 profiles, one with the trusted network, the other without, and to shift from one to the other when leaving home.