Trusted Network question

When I look in Tasks/Modify Zone I notice that my network adapter has a range that belongs to my ISP, it goes from ...128 to ...255
I just want to make sure that having that as a “trusted Zone” does not mean that anyone else belonging to my ISP has the right to connect to my computer. Surely they are not “Trusted” by my computer? I dont have to worry, right?
I have not ICS.
When I remove my adapter from the zone I get alot of blocks in my log. It says I am sending bootp 67 to and it is denied. After a while I lose my connection (Fiber)

So I guess I must have that IP range in the trusted zone? Or is there some rules I can make instead of trusting (if it is actually trusting) all those IP´s that is in that range.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am a bit tired (it´s 1am here) and paranoid, only knowledge can ease my mind :slight_smile:


If you’ve only got one PC, I wouldn’t use a zone at all. If you’ve got more than one PC and they’re networked, I’d make a separate zone to include only the IPs of the LAN PCs, and have a separate zone for the adaptor that connects to your ISP. Wherever possible, make the zone as tight as possible, even if you only define the IP of your fibre nic and the ISPs gateway IP.

For your info : BOOTP is the Bootstrap Protocol, and allows a host to configure itself dynamically at boot time. This protocol provides 3 services:IP address assignment, detection of the IP address for a serving machine and the name of a file to be loaded and executed by the client machine. It uses UDP ports 67 and 68 for comms.

I’m just wondering if this is related to the problems people have posted about disconnecting ADSL connections and not being able to re-establish them??

Any thoughts?

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Now I know more :slight_smile: I did remove my adapter (with my ISP´s IP range) but this time I did not get any warnings about bootp ??? well anyway everything is running smooth (:CLP)