Trusted List

How does “Trusted List” work? Is this something I can add too or will Comodo add to this list via updates?


For now, the trust list can only be added by users themselves.

Hi xiaofeng

How is this done? I can’t add anything from the “Trusted List” section or is this done within another section of CMS?


After scan with detected items. Or from CMS alert.

Hi morphiusz

Can you explain further. How is an app detected? (via antivirus scan). When would I see a CMS alert?


When a new app is installed in the device, you will see a CMS alert.

Hi mikonos

How would I add from this alert? When I select the CMS alert, it loads the app ???


Hi, you can add from a different dialog, which only popup when the app is detected as a “malware” or to be risky…
if the app is safe … the dialog will not be displayed~

I gotcha :-TU. I guess the apps I install are safe so I never see this popup.


:wink: yes