Trusted Files

While I was looking around the settings of CIS this evening I came upon an idea and I wanted to see what you guys thought of it. I have my Defense+ set to Paranoid, due to my paranoid nature of computer security, and I added files that I know I can trust to the “trusted file” list and the thought dawned on me. If I did a complete scan of my system and confirmed it was clean of viruses and I added my entire C drive of files to the trusted list would that help or hinder protection?

My thinking with this is two fold:

  1. this could help out because all the files I know are trusted and if anything tries to attack me or modify I would get an alert and be able to act
    2)on the other side I might not get an alert on a trusted file that is being attacked and that would cause damage to my computer.

this probably would make cis run really slow.

your best bet would be to make sure you computer is clean and set defense + to safe mode for a while. as you use your computer and comodo checks files it will add them to the trusted files list.

i dont even know if the trusted files list is applied when defense + is in paranoid mode. i think it only uses the computer security policy under defense + settings. an easy way to create rules is to set defense + to training mode and it automatically creates rules so make sure your pc is clean when using training mode. run all your safe applications then switch back to paranoid mode and you wont get alerts for those safe apps