Trusted Files Save (Import/Export) ???

Hi guys.Why the Trusted Files wont be saved in Exported Configurations??Is there any way to do this??
Because every time i intsall or reintasll CIS i have to add trusted files?? ???Help???

Go to the program directory where CIS is installed and enter the database folder. Make a copy of trusted.db. When you reinstall CIS, copy this file into your new installation (you may have to do this in Safe Mode).

there is no vendor.db the extension is H and N.and are you sure this is the list of trusted files.i think vendor is related to Trusted Software Vendors ?? i want to save the trusted files no trusted vendors??

Go to Program files/Comodo/Comodo internet security/Database, copy the file named Trusted.db.
After reinstall copy this file back to that location over writing existing.

Note: If you temporary remove this file then look at your trusted files within the GUI of CIS you will notice it is empty until you return the file.

Hope that helps.

Oops! Sorry, it was a typo. The file is trusted.db like captainsticks says! :-\

There is no file with db extension,just N and H,and also the file named trusted does not exist but there is 2 files named White.h and White.n i think White means Whitelist,what do u think??

Hi Logicz,
Sorry my mistake trusted.db file was only introduced in V5.8 AFAIK, prior to that I think they were stored in the registry and whether or not that is able to saved or not I am not sure sorry.
I hope someone else can fill us in that knows or that still has V5.5 installed to try it.

In v5.5, the files you want are the white ones. They are the whitelist (trusted files). Just to be sure, backup the entire database folder, then delete the white files. Now open CIS to see if your list is cleared. If it is, then you can put the files back from your backup copy.

thanks.finally solved. ;D