Trusted Files List duplicates updated File`s Entries

Any “trusted” file that gets updated will get a new entry in the trusted files list, but the old entries of it are still there too.
Safe mode defense+. No sandbox.

(This explains all. Best format for this bug)

This has been an anomaly for quite some time (I frequently update Firefox and Thunderbird beta programs) and I’m constantly removing the old entries. I hope the devs can work something out.

Thats why i wrote here.

At least, old entries should be able to be cleaned up, instead of searching them one by one in the list.

I assume that’s what the Purge button should do, but I always get “All entries are valid” (which the old ones are not).

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(Hi Dennis) !

Just some thoughts.

This is arguably intended behavior. CIS does not identify files by path in the TVL, it identifies them by hash.

When you update a file, you might decide to revert to the old version later. You’d be a bit fed up if CIS asked you again if it were trusted.

If anything maybe this is a presentational problem. The file name could arguably have the version at the end to disambiguate it. But there’s a bit of a difficulty here - companies don’t fill in this field reliably. Maybe CIS could disambiguate by adding a or b suffix in these cases. Maybe also CIS could have ‘purge old versions’ button.

Best wishes


It might be but if you remove one it removes both, that is the pain of double entries.

Ah that’s definitely a problem!


Its a lot faster to read the sentence which describes this bug allready, and to do it on any machine yourself, than to write or read the standard format bug report.

If this was a joke, it would be funny :smiley:

Sorry it is not a joke you know the rules if you want it moved to Verified.

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Thank you


Move it where you want.

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Sorry I didn’t notice this earlier. :-\

Egemen has notified that this has been fixed, but may appear only in the final release:;msg546007#msg546007;msg546051#msg546051;msg546068#msg546068;msg547109#msg547109