Trusted files issue


I have an issue with trusted files. Whenever, i try to save malware (from MDL) thru Sandboxie, i see those listed in Trusted Files.

My system Info
Browser - FF v4.0
OS - W7 64 bit
CFW v5.3 + Avast Free + Sandboxie Free v3.52

Could some one check it either in Sandboxie/VM with FF v4 to confirm the issue?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Upload those files to VirusTotal and when analysis is over put links in this topic…

Hi Siketa,

I think the issue is bit different here. Before i execute those pieces of malware, i could see those added in trusted list. Right now, i’m at my work place. Would post virustotal results and details at the above said link once i reach home.


reported here;msg505975#msg505975

Since it is reported elsewhere I will lock this topic.