Trusted Files - how do I add a directory?

Is there a way to add an entire directory (and its subdirectories) to the list of trusted files? If I select a directory it just adds all the files individually which is not what I want. For example I want to add my D:\cygwin directory which is giving me a hard time with very slow scans when the a/v database is updated and I don’t want to have 7900 files listed there, I want just 1 entry D:\cygwin* or something like D:\cygwin*** that means subdirs too.

Try adding d:\cygwin*.

That is what shows up if you use Add → Browse Files → and then select the folder.

But if you add that what happens is it adds all the files individually resulting in thousands of entries which then slows down the list to a crawl, it makes it unusable.

I think it adds a checksum for each file so it knows if any are changed. I find new versions of the same file are not trusted. This would not work for directories.

1.Create a new File Group named say your_pc_allowed in file groups.
2 add c:\cygwin to there it will be added as C:\cygwin*
3 go to d+ add your file group your_pc_allowed as trusted.

To create first step g o to D+ >computer Security Policy > Protected Files >Groups > add
add a new group having C:\cygwin here


Thank you. This is not obvious at all how to do. There should be a straight forward way to exclude a directory or files by path when these files change often. There’s a thread here, maybe we’ll see the feature added sooner rather than later:;msg490994#msg490994