trusted files disappeared

I updated to 5.8 two days ago. Now I just noticed that pretty much anything I do causes popups to appear, starting with “audiodg”. I checked the D+ settings and tall trusted files are gone. I am now in training mode and still get way more popups than I like, and I don’t feel this is safe. What happened, and how can I fix this? I am about to uninstall and go to MS Essentials.

Having the same problem here. I updated to 5.8… and now even my printer drivers are causing a popup alert.

After reading this, sure enough, all of my trusted file settings are gone.

Bad, bad, bad Comodo.

Glad I’m not the only one. This was driving me crazy yesterday.

Even just browsing files in windows explorer, D+ would constantly pop up with confirmation dialogues for COMthis and DLLthat. I’d click on remember my answer and accept and a few seconds later the same thing pops up again. Had to turn it off for the time being.

I’ve got the same thing happening. I use remote management software with my computer and i can’t connect remotely cause it gets blocked every time even though i told it to remember my answer. Help us out Comodo.

My trusted files are displayed (v5.8.213334). Has this problem been resolved in the last few days?
If it has, I don’t understand how that would have been possible without having to install a new version.

Is your trusted vendors list empty?

Please post screenshots of your settings.

I’m not sure if you were talking to me Chiron because I already said my trusted files are displayed. In case you were, see the attached screenshot.

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do a repair and reboot list will be fixed, to repair. open cis, more at the top, run diagnostics. It will find a problem and then fix it. Reboot and TVL is back.