Trusted files corrupted -trusted.db

I wanted to add PES 2013 to trusted files, insted I added whole program files folder, before I could cancel it, it added a lot of programs to Trusted files.

I try to manualy delete them, but it would take all day. Then I found the trusted.db file in Comodo folder and notice that this truste dfiles are in that file, iI deleted files wich I aciddently added, but file did not work after that, I dont know why but in Comodo window under Trusted files, they are corrupted and look like this(screeenshot)

I dont know how to fix this I tried to save a file to Unicode and UTF 8, under Unicode it looks ok, but entries are doubled(2x same file). As i try to delete entries I made backup, and it works, but those entries are still in it.

Can I fix the trusted.db from wich I deleted entries?
Is there a way to delete Trusted files in a quick way? (not whole list)
If those two question are No, is it safe for me to deete everything from Trusted files?

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Have you tried running the Diagnostics function (main GUI > Help > Support > Diagnostics)? I am not sure if this will fix the corrupted file but it should at least give some starting point to correct the file.

Another way to try is to see if you have a System Restore point that is earlier than the addition of Program Files. However, this will cause Comodo to re-download the AV database in its entirety.

I don’t know if you can fix the file. You can just delete trusted.db, reboot your machine and let CIS rebuild it.

Diagnostics doesnt find anything, I will probably just let Comodo make new Trusted files list.

I just want to be sure that there is no default entries, like C: windows or something similar

its bad that you cant select multiple files with a mouse on that list


wow this isreally wierd, but in a good way. I put my backup file back, and select files and clicked Remove

but this did not deleted all my trusted list files, it left those important ones from c: partition.

Im not sure if this is how it should work, but this is really good, if you mess up things like I did.

Oh I just find out how to easly delete trusted files, if you made a mistake and add whole folder with many files, just go to that folder and add a letter or number, or anything to make it different and then rename it properly.


folder name is: KONAMI, rename it to KONAMIa
Then go to trusted files and click Purge. Now Comodo will delete those files because there is no KONAMI folder. Whola!

Go back and rename folder properly

That’s a nice workaround.