Trusted files and Comodo

I have a question, If I add example.exe to my trusted files list, and example.exe is updated, but still remains in the same folder that it was when added to the trusted list, is it then remarked as unknown? Any replies are helpful :slight_smile:

Yes. CIS looks at the file hash. If the file changes and is unrecognized, it’s flagged again.

I play steam games that are updated too frequently for Comodo to whitelist, so how do i prevent them from ever being sandboxed? I added them to the “Define exculsions for Behavior Blocking” option for the Behavior Blocker and was wondering if the games get udated but are in the same location, would they get sandboxed like files added to trusted files do? Or are the excepions different?

The exceptions work (or should work) on file names, hence even if they are changed, as long as the path and name is still the same they should still be excluded from Sandboxing.