trusted connections or ... ?

Hi all!
Im from Bulgaria and my english is not good.

I use comodo from 3 days and have big problems with TCP connections to DB on 3306 port.

I have 11 Dedicated Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers and his servers have some connections to DB to 5 different db users (dbuser1,dbuser2,dbuser3,4…5 and etc…)

Comodo has block this connections i dont know how, but block…
When i disable the firewall - Everything is OK and working good, but when is ON … the problem is up.

I added a destination port 3306 in global rules and set Allow/In+Out/TCP but dont work… (i set in outgoing category, but i added one for incoming)

I dont know how to fix this problem.
Please help!

PP: The mysql server is not in same machine.