Trusted Applications where are they?

First off, awesome product (:CLP)
Using the new beta and I have 2 questions.

  1. I let it scan for trusted applications but I only see 3 listed.
    Firefox browser
    Mozilla browser

I know there are lots more applications on my computer that try to and need to access the net.
My question is, did the scan not work and see all these programs or are they just not listed because they haven’t asked for net access yet?

  1. I searched and would like to know where to put results for the beta reports of bugs (or non-bug anomalies)

Keep up the good work and thanks again for the help!


Currently CPF does not detect many applications. However, this is changing from the next version as it will have an option for you to submit files for analysis from popups, so undetected applications can be added to the certified list.


Hi Mike,
Thanks for the quick response.
Also, where do I put bugs I notice?

Related note, Comodo’s a/v product.
I installed and activated it, when the f/w pop up asked me if SoftAct.exe can make a connection before I could answer yes or no to the popup it said the product was activated?
So it bypassed the f/w.
Any thoughts, bugs, something I didn’t set right (default settings nothing changed)

Thanks again,
Dr Pete

The safe application database contains more than 10000 applications. But “Scan for known applications” option does not use that database. It just scans for basic applications which are required for a basic internet connectivity. Like svchost.exe or popular email clients or browsers.

However, we will add this capability to the future versions.


Your welcome ;), if you have problems you can put them in these firewall thread or contact

Of course, sorry I got mixed up :-[