Trusted applications still give perpetual security alerts

I have been using comodo internet security for a long time but did not face this problem before:- even if I mark an application as “trusted” comodo keeps asking whether I should allow the application to connect to the Net. Earlier when I already had marked an application as “trusted” it never bugged me with perpetual alert warnings. Is this a bug in the new version or have I done something wrong.

Comodo Firewall allows you to prepare a list of trusted applications and configure their access rights to networks and the Internet. This shortcut represents a convenient way to create an automatic ‘Allow Requests’ rule for an individual application - meaning that inbound and outbound connections are automatically permitted.

Advanced users can reconfigure the parameters of this rule in the section ‘Network Security Policy’.

If define an application as trusted, then a 'Network Secuirty Policy" rule should be automatically be established: Allow ANY protocol source ANY IP destination ANY IP source port ANY destination port ANY

I shiver when thinking of the security risks inherent with that. I ALWAYS click ALLOW & REMBMER THIS and ensure the “log this” is checked. Then I look in the firewall alerts log and get the specifics about what it wanted and set up exlicit rule in ‘Network Secuirty Policy’ to allow that. Then I add a new rule at the bottom and make it an ‘ask & log’ rule. If its a preexisting app that wants to go to ann unknown IP, just remember to uncheck the ‘remember this’ checkbox (otherwise it’ll create a new rule Allow ALL ANY ANY ANY ANY); that’ll overide whatver rules are already in place.

One of the first things you should do is set up Internet Zone for your NIC, Modem, Gateway/router and DNS servers. Then your internet accessing apps will have rules allowing UDP to DNS, and TCP access to the specific IPs they’re allowed to go to.