Trusted Applications + Intrustion Attempts

Hi Guys,

I am new to comodo. I installed it last night on my xp and windows 2000.

I have a few questions for both operating systems but since this is the V3 forum i will keep it to that.

Has comodo got a section in which I can see what applications are trusted? Forexample in zonealarm you are able to see what applications have been allowed and which have not.

Finally does comodo have a section in which it is possible to see the list of what intrusion attempts have been made.

Thanks in advance.

I wish you all a safe and blessed day.


Yes to both questions.

For the trust, open up the CFP control and you’ll see four icons up top (Summary, firewall, defense+, misc), click on firewall. Look to the left bar and click on advanced. Now click on network security policy and you’re done.

As to the second part, the event (logging). At the side bar, click on common task. Then click on view firewall events. A new window will pop up and shows the intrusions. If you want a longer record, click on more. It might be empty, I don’t know if comodo ever resolved that issue with the empty logs, but if it’s blank then try going to advanced->firewall behavior setting->alert settings and change it to very high to start logging.