Trusted Application

Is there any way,or any thought of making a trusted application group
Reason being–whenever I install a new program it seems like I get “hundreds” of popups asking for permission,and even going into application group and allowing this application to do whatever it likes ,still takes awhile and sometimes isnt the end of it
It would be nice on installation if a box came up saying --do you want to give theis application trusted status ,and thats the end of it ,unless something wierd shows up
Frankly ,as much as I like Comodo and am thankful for its use ,it has been driving me nuts clicking popups


Have you run the trusted application wizard?

This is found in SECURITY - TASKS - WIZARDS - SCAN FOR KNOWN APPLICATIONS. This scans your system and automatically sets up access rules for the applications it finds that are in the trusted application database (currently around 11,00 applications).

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for your fast response
I thought I had done that --but will try it again Tks
programs I was having problems with were like Orbit downloader,which made multiple connections

G’day again,

If, after running the wizard, the downloader still continually pops alerts, you can submit the file to Comodo fro analysis and inclusion in the safelist. This is found in SECURITY - TASKS - SEND FILES TO COMODO FOR ANALYSIS.

Ewen :slight_smile: