Trusted Application question

I recently installed Avira’s AntiVir Personal (free) A-V application, but its icon doesn’t show in the Notification Tray (XP). Task Mgr shows Avira’s only process as avguard.exe and it’s running, and I added it as a Trusted Application in the Firewall. After a reboot, it’s still not there. Any suggestions?


Comodo Firewall 3.8.65951.477

Try starting up AVIRA. Does that produce the icon in the systray?


A few minutes ago Avira did an update, I approved it about 5 times in Comodo, and the icon ended up in the tray. But upon reboot, it’s not there.

It is not just hidden?

This problem of disappearing icons in tray is said to be Windows related and not Comodo.

By appearances, a different problem. It’s not disappearing, it’s never showed at bootup. I’ve never seen a case when the disappearing ones didn’t at least show at computer startup.

I have icons that never appear at work. No comodo. One icon is a program we wrote ourselves. Sometimes they just never appear.

There’s more than one process in AntiVir. avguard.exe is the core Windows service that does most of the real job.

But the tray icon is in avgnt.exe (which is an application not a service).

There is another service called shed.exe which is responsible for automatic update scheduling.

I thought avgnt.exe was the one from something I had read on their forums, but when it didn’t show up in the Start folder, I figured avguard was the one. Just dropped a shortcut into the Start folder, rebooted and it’s there. Thanks.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

By the way the normal location for the avgnt.exe startup entry is in the registry, in




for x64 Windows. As always exert caution when editing the registry manually. Of course you can just re-install AntiVir, the installer has a repair mode and I bet it will resolve any issues.

Actually, I did a repair install right after the initial one, for reasons I’m forgetting now. Guess it didn’t solve this problem.