Trusted Application help

Hey all. I’ve just built a new computer, and decided that I’d use Comodo Internet Security as my firewall (moving from Norton on my previous computer).

Everything’s been great so far, however I have a problem with Defense+ ‘going overboard’. I’ve installed a couple of games so far, and 2 out 3 did not work initially. This was rather frustrating as the games didn’t give any specific error messages, more often than not they would just fail to execute and stay on desktop. Out of desperation, I set the Defense+ security level from ‘Safe Mode’ to ‘Disabled’ and the games work fine.

So at first I was relieved - I’d found what the problem was! Fiddled around, first added the COD4 executables to my own safe files, however this didn’t do the trick. I then added the entire COD4 directory (having selected ‘include files in subfolders’) yet it STILL won’t run with Defense+ security enabled.

Am I adding trusted applications incorrectly? Can anyone shed some light on this?



Go to Defense+, Advanced, Computer Security Policy and remove all COD4 files.

Awesome! Thank you so much! Worked perfectly on both games that weren’t working.

Just so I can understand for future instances… The point of that was to remove the files from Defense+'s ‘memory’, then upon running the app again I could ‘Allow’ it to run/create a new policy, yeah?


Yes, you removed all rules — allowing and blocking — for the program files, and when you ran the game after that, CIS created new, allowing rules automatically (if the files were still in My Own Safe Files). :wink:

Great! Thanks again. :slight_smile:

In default mode CIS will automatically make rules for all safe programs. With games one can run into trouble when it is not known because in full screen you won’t see the alerts and can’t answer them.

There are two way to work around it. Follow A note to gamers. ONly do this when you know your system is free of malware.

Another, a bit safer, way is to add all the .exe and .bat files that are in the installation folders of the game to My Own Safe files.

A third way: If the files are digitally signed, add the vendor to My Trusted Software Vendors. :wink: