'Trusted Application' doesn't seem to work

I’ve been having an array of problems since updating to Comodo 4.1. I’m on 32 bit Vista SP2, and I have Avast as an anti-virus. Network Defense and Proactive Defense are in Safe Mode.

Basically the Defense log keeps coming up with flags for ‘DNS/RPC Client Access’ for anything connecting to the internet and also ‘direct keyboard access’ which prevents me from copy pasting into the browser.

In the browser example I’ve already made them a ‘trusted application’ in Network Security Policy (and I tried ‘web browser’ category as well) and I’ve also made them a trusted application in Computer Security Policy (as well as trying a custom rule with access rights to DNS Client Service and Keyboard, with no luck at all)

So I can only come to the conclusion that the trusted application rule is buggy and doesn’t allow programs unrestricted access as it should.

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve attached some screenshots (Pale Moon is a browser based on Firefox), and also previously made threads regarding this problem can be found here and here.

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