Trusted application causing defence+ pop-ups

I selected all the files under “c:\program file\ 2.3” and added then to my safe files. I then went to “my own safe files” and did a lookup. It said all the open office files were safe and added to the main safe list. I then ran open office and got pop-ups asking for confirmation for everything. Running Microsoft Office I get no pop-ups. I run in “train with safe mode” and it adds the settings for me. Why does this not happen with Open Office when it considers it safe?

There are also OpenOffice files in C:\Documents and Settings"Name"\Program data (translated)\OpenOffice.org2. Try including these in your Comodo settings.

But is is the exe files under “program files” that are producing the pop-ups.

I think I have found the problem. One the the Open Office programs is called soffice.bin. Comodo refuses to add this to my safe files. I guess it does not think it is a executable file. Does anyone know a solution?