Trusted and whitelisted malware files - Gnawed bone


When will be a solution to the problem? I don’t see any steps forward from the Comodo.
How do the harmful files and vendors get to the whitelist and TVL???
The posts are on the increase day by day: >:(


IMO this is the most critical problem right now.

I was thinking exactly the same thing. That topic is very busy indeed and really highlights how many white listed Malwares there is. I must admit they are rectified very quickly but how to they get on there in the first place??


The judgement of the CIS is deteriorating because of this… (this is not my opinion only)
We would like positive changes! 8)

Wouldn’t it be good if a big part of the TVL is moved to cloud and only have like the absolute necessary, (such as ATI, AMD, Realtech and other) in the TVL.

Valentin N

Lots of malware that I found safe are not signed… :-TD

I don’t think many people will like that because one of the things that makes CIS great is how configurable it is. Doing that will take away some of the control from the users that want it.

How about giving the user to possibility to choose how he want the TVL, as cloud with little list or how it is now

This my contribute to the problem :slight_smile:

Valentin N

The developers should care a little bit more about this issue.

they should ask at the installation of CIS if the user want the comodo full TVL, the comodo restricted TVL (just major companies related to computer) or a blank TVL. CIS installer can ask for the DNS why not for the TVL.

I agree with siketa. The TVL is the smaller problem, the bigger problem is the whitelist!
If you look at the posts here: , the most of files are whitelisted and not digitally signed.