Trusted and Blocked Applications

Is there a place to find out which applications Comodo has blocked and trusted? And is there a way to change these settings, for example if Comodo blocks a program, can I somehow unblock it so it can run?

In the firewall rules, any rule with a big fat X is an indication the app is being blocked internet access for the specific protocal, direction, source, destination IP address and ports. To allow that edit the rule appropriately. You will also see blocks logged in the firewall activity log.

This problem does not seem to have anything to do with connecting to the internet, it just won’t let the program run on my computer.

This topic should be moved to D+ / Sandbox help.

What is your CIS Defense+ (D+) Security level? What are your D+ settings, i.e., general, execution control, sandbox settings, and monitoring settings?

In D+ Computer Security Policy you can look in the Blocked Files tab to see if the problem=child is in there. Next look in Always Sandbox and finally look at the rule for the app in question to see if any of the resource access names are blocked outright. Finally, you’d need to examine the exlusion list for each arbitrary resource access name. You’ll see xxx/yyy number set listed for each resource access name; the xxx is the number of files that are allowed depending on the type of exception you wish to create, e.g., ‘allowed’ for an ‘ask’ rule will not generate an alert for those allowed. ‘blocked’ for an ‘ask’ rule will block all except those in allow, otherwise generate an alert asking for permission. For ‘block’ rules, then those in the ‘allowed’ list will be permited (its a moot point to have anything listed in the ‘block’ list for a 'block rule. The converse is true also, ‘allow’ for an ‘allow’ rule; however, ‘blocked’ for an 'allow’rule will do just that (but allow everything not ‘blocked’).